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Summer Reading

Besides being an important literary institution in the neighborhood, with book clubs and poetry reading events, La Casa Azul Bookstore is also encouraging kids to keep up their reading skills over the summer. Children can buy books from the store or read their own, all while tracking the titles in a reading log. At the end of the summer, they will receive a certificate of completion to show their accomplishments!

Photo courtesy of La Casa Azul Bookstore

La Casa Azul Bookstore

143 E. 103rd St.

(212) 426 – 2626



Keep Fit Camp

Asphalt Green is a nonprofit fitness center with top-notch facilities, including an expansive gym with exercise classes and a pool. This summer, keep you and your kids active with sports including gymnastics, soccer, flag football, and competitive swimming camps.

Photo courtesy of Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green

555 E. 90th St.

(212) 369-8890



Italian At Home

Fabio Casella, owner of San Matteo Pizza, is opening up a traditional Salumeria on the Upper East Side near 90th Street and 2nd Ave. Besides serving charcuterie and homemade mozzarella, the store will also have pastas and sandwiches for take-out, so be on the lookout for when they finally open their doors.

Photo courtesy of Il Salumaio

Il Salumaio



Buon Appetito

While maintaining the Italian Renaissance tradition, Sfoglia changes its menu every few months to keep up with the seasonal produce and other items available at New York City’s Greenmarkets. Right now, try the Gnocchi with peas, rabbit, and carrots ($14/17) or Lamb Chops with sunchokes, buttermilk and chives ($27).

Photo courtesy of Sfoglia


1402 Lexington Ave.




Hooray for Moms!

Finally, a much-deserved tribute to mothers! Moms have an ever-changing and important role in today’s society, and that’s what the Museum of Motherhood is out to explore through art, academics, and sharing the experiences of moms all over the world. It’s also, naturally, a great place for kids, with play spaces, group lunches and story time, plus summer drop off play!

Photo courtesy of The Museum of Motherhood

The Museum of Motherhood

401 E. 84th St.

(212) 452-9816


Best Brunch

Sarabeth’s award-winning preserves are just one reason for her successful restaurants and retail locations around the city. Sarabeth’s at the Hotel Wales between 92nd and 93rd Streets is the perfect spot for a comforting weekend brunch. The meal comes with an assortment of Sarabeth’s muffins and pastries as well as fresh-squeezed juices, and main courses like Goldie Lox scrambled eggs with salmon and cream cheese and Almond-Crusted French Toast with Strawberry-Raspberry Sauce. $55 per person. Sarabeth’s

1295 Madison Ave.

(212) 410-7335


Going Country in the City

The Art Farm in the City hosts all sorts of fun activities for kids that include dancing, singing, arts and crafts, cooking, and real live animals! You can sign up for weekly classes, play groups, weekend programs, and even summer camp. The best deal: the Part-Time Pet program, where your kid can finally get the bunny or lizard he or she has been begging for, without you having to clean up the cage. For kids ages 1-8. Classes also in the Hamptons.

Photo courtesy of The Art Farm in the City

The Art Farm in the City

419 E. 91st St.

(212) 410-3117


Not Just Another Pub

The Upper East Side is starting to turn heads among the craft beer crowd, in a big part due to the brand new Third Avenue Ale House. This bar/restaurant is a step up from the typical neighborhood pub, serving a rotating menu of craft beers from your favorites to ones you’ve never heard of before. And, as an added bonus, the food is more five-star than grease bomb—try the perfectly cooked Lamb Burger served on an English muffin topped with tzatziki with a side of sweet potato fries, all for $8.95.

Photo courtesy of DNAinfo

Third Avenue Ale House

1644 Third Ave.

(646) 559-9131


Cut & Color

Together, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are the expert team behind Warren Tricomi Madison Avenue. The hair coloring and styling salon boasts clients such as Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale. Between their salons and products, your hair will be at its shiniest, fullest, healthiest, and most vibrant. You’ll leave both looking and feeling good with your fresh new summer do.

Photo courtesy of Warren Tricomi

Warren Tricomi Madison Avenue

1117 Madison Ave.

(212) 262-8899


Park Avenue Turned High Line?

Architects are rethinking the median down Park Avenue. Why not a High Line-esque public park that would offer pedestrians a space to actually use, rather than impatiently pass through? One proposal depicts a promenade stretching all the way from 14th Street to 125thStreet, bringing yet another green space to the Upper East Side.

Photo courtesy of inhabitat New York City